Juntao Yu

Post-Doctoral Researcher in Natural Language Processing

School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science

Queen Mary University of London

London E1 4FZ

Office: CS413

Email: juntao.yu AT qmul.ac.uk

I am a post-doctoral researcher at the Queen Mary University of London, working with Professor Massimo Poesio on his five-year DALI project (Disagreements and Language Interpretation, ERC-2015-AdG). Before that, I was a PhD student at the University of Birmingham, working on out-of-domain dependency parsing. I am supervised by Dr Bernd Bohnet, Professor John Barnden and Dr Mark Lee. I received my master degree from the University of Glasgow in 2013. Before that, I worked at Digital China (Shanghai) Ltd. as a software engineer after I received my undergraduate degree in 2009 from Donghua University (Shanghai, China).

My research interests include Deep Learning for NLP, Information Extraction, Coreference Resolution, Dependency Parsing, Domain Adaptation, Semi-supervised Learning, and Multi-task Learning.

My Google Scholar page.

The latest version of my CV.

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